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What is a Bail Bondsman

If you or a cherished one gets arrested in Fort Morgan, Colorado, they’ll likely be sent to jail. In most cases, the defendant will have the opportunity to be released before the trial. Many defendants cannot gather the entire amount and typically turn to a licensed Bail Bondsman Agency such as us.

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The Role of an Fort Morgan Bail Bondsman In Fort Morgan Colorado

The first step involves determining if the defendant qualifies for a bond.

The agent examines the background of the defendant to conclude whether he is a flight risk, or likely to appear in court. He also estimates his ability to pay the bond fee and cover the financial recourse of failing to appear in court. In essence, the agent qualifies a prospect similar to the way a salesperson does. A decision to provide the surety bond is made when the agent is comfortable that the accused will appear in court as necessary, which means bond money is returned to the agency.

Paper Work For Bail Bonds

After you have qualified for a bond, a fee is collected and paperwork is completed.

The paperwork is then formally filed with the court formalizing the Bond, resulting in the defendants release.


The bond is intended to ensure his/her appearance. When a Bondsman’s client neglects to appear, a Bondsman is usually expected to track down, apprehend and bring the defendant to jail or present him before the court.